Where do our best ideas come from? When we are touched by the Muse, we hear entire symphonies in our mind for us to simply "transfer" from there down onto paper. Other times, we dig ourselves into a field barren of creative fruits. They come and go, and directly influence our works. How ideas work remains a fascinating mystery in human psychology.
pen on paper (2018)
Sometimes, the music is there, and we simply hear it - it's made ready for us. We give it many names: we call it "the inspiration", "the muse", "the ecstasy", "the flow". It's when we hear ideas whispered to our mind. Sometimes though, they are gone; we no longer see the imagery, nor hear our music, or feel our words. It's as if the Muse has abandoned us....The drought of inspiration continues, until.....Oh! There she is again!
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