“Gaku” 2020
Website documenting 2 years of development: https://thesis.myportfolio.com/
"GAKU" (2020)
a frame-by-frame, charcoal-on-paper animation; 
musical cinema
About GAKU
GAKU is a 2D analogue animated work of musical cinema. The film illustrates my impressions of fears and longings through expressive dance-inspired gestures, dynamic camera movements, and reductionistic line work.

A dancing being desperate to unite with its reflection lost in fog and rain. 
To me, the film is an impressionistic metaphor. It reflects my own effort to remain intact psychologically in face of confusion and fears and longing towards self-alignment.
CLIPS & Pencil tests
1. "DANCE IN THE FOG" sequence
Material: charcoal dust, charcoal sticks, conte on paper; digital compositing
2. early mood test
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