1. Haiku assignment
The Autumn moon shines
Whitely on my loneliness
Lonely too the night
-- by Catherine M. Buckaway
2. Animatic Assignment
Concept Art
Logline & Synopsis
A wanderer lost in a timeless dark space struggles to feel the warmth of light again. “Thinking back, all that comes for me is a swamp, a deep, sticky bog that sucks off my shoe each time I take a step. In front of me, there lies nothing. Behind me, I see the darkness. I walk through the mud, never sure where I was, never sure I was headed in the right direction, knowing only that I had to keep walking.” (Text inspired and edited from Norwegian Woods by Haruki Murakami) 

Film idea.
For me it’s a film about the feeling of losing a direction or anchor in life - the image of a wonderer. The disconnection to a meaning then ends in a vulnerability to uncertainty and anxious thoughts that followed your back. It depicts a timeless limbo state and the longing for the warmth of the light breaking in.
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